The Towers Complex
A registered charity that assists in the preservation of the historic buildings collectively known as Buckden Towers, Bugden Towers, Buckden Palace or Bugden Palace in the County of Cambridgeshire, UK
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Registered Charity Number:  273480
First Registered: 5 May 1977  
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Famous Residents & Visitors to The Towers
1199 Last Visit of St Hugh of Lincoln
1248 King Henry III
1291 King Edward I
1483 King Richard III
1501 Margaret Beaufort, Mother of Henry VII
1533 - 1534 Katherine of Aragon
1541 King Henry VIII and 5th Wife - Catherine Howard
1551 Henry and Charles Brandon, sons of the Duke of Suffolk
1619 King James I
1667 Samuel Pepys
1750 Count Zingandorf - First Bishop of the Moravian Sect in England
1790 Hon John Byng, later Viscount Torrington
1814 The Prince Regent, later King George IV

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Last Updated: 28-Jul-2012